Where are all the Utah guys?
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BowHiker 13-Dec-18
c3 13-Dec-18
Ranger 15-Dec-18
YZF-88 16-Dec-18
4blade 22-Dec-18
YZF-88 24-Dec-18
From: BowHiker
Seems like hardly any Utah guys are on state forum, it would be nice to swap stories and info with locals.

From: c3
Most of the locals are on the UtahWildlifeNetwork forums and the Bowhunters of Utah Facebook page. No idea why.

From: Ranger
C3 agree, I also see some on Monster Muleys also. I remember seeing a lot more discussion four to five years ago on bowsite. Can't say I see fewer archers on the general archery hunt so doesn't mean less bow hunters.

From: YZF-88
I’m thankful for Monster Muleys. That’s where most hang out and fight amongst themselves instead of Bowsite.

I have met a couple really good guys from that place but they are the exception.

From: 4blade
Things do get a little heated over on MM, but there is some good info to be gleaned occasionally. I live down south, Cedar City area.

From: YZF-88

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YZF-88's embedded Photo
I’ll take less activity and higher quality content on Bowsite over the opposite on MM. Every thread on MM gets out of hand and petty. Makes it not worth the effort to help others. Here is a typical example.

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