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Alexander County any good to hunt??
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moosewhisperer 18-Dec-18
awh302 20-Dec-18
moosewhisperer 20-Dec-18
Dusktildawn 21-Dec-18
awh302 21-Dec-18
moosewhisperer 23-Dec-18
i have an opportunity to lease 200 acres near Ullin, Illinois in Alexander county....can anyone give me info on the area if it would be worth it? I never hunted southern Illinois but I hear it is not the greatest. any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

From: awh302
It depends what you are looking for, what you have as another option, and how much you are spending. That area has a lot of hunting pressure and from what I hear the locals shoot a lot of deer for the table. This happens in a lot of areas though so take that for what its worth. I think the quality of deer are not that great due to the soil but there are definitely some deer in that area.

any suggestions how to obtain a good lease in Illinois that I can trust?

From: Dusktildawn
Better off scouting public land IMO. I've had several friends lease land that looked good, for decent annual rate, only to be disappointed come season. Hard to police the land unless you are close and hard to tell how neighbors are. Many good public spots if you do your homework. Not all spots are large, but believe me they have nice deer, especially if you hunt off the beaten path. Good luck however you choose to do it.

From: awh302
21-Dec-18 is a reliable site but options are limited this time of year. I would agree with trying public ground in southern Illinois. There are plenty of spots in southern Illinois where you can hunt. I guess it depends where you are coming from as well and how long you ant to drive.

well that's my issue as I live 14 hours away so I can't do any scouting....I am not necessarily looking in southern Illinois. I am open to anywhere in the state that has good deer

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