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Idaho Panhandle hunting.
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Whitetailer 19-Dec-18
Mt. man 19-Dec-18
decoy 22-Mar-19
From: Whitetailer
Hello all, so I am looking at my first DIY western hunt next fall. I have a friend in the Idaho Panhandle so that is where I will be staying. I am most interested in mule deer as I have been hunting whitetail my whole life. I am not looking for people's favorite spots I am just wondering if someone could help me with some good access points or regions to start. I am still torn between rifle or bow at this time as I am a die hard bow hunter but I want to have the best chance at a mature animal. Any advise is welcomed, thanks.

From: Mt. man
Put in for the draw Mule Deer tag on the breaks just south of Lewiston. I think it's unit 11 if I remember right, but it's been years since I was up that way. Some big boys but it's a controlled hunt for Muleys. So put in and if drawn then odds are way better for a good muley.

From: decoy
They used to have depredation hunts down there and I seen more then my share of big big mulies but never stuck one.

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