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Phatinjun 20-Dec-18
HighLife 21-Dec-18
Jerry Gille 21-Dec-18
Lynn Wilcox 22-Dec-18
JRW 25-Jan-19
From: Phatinjun
Hi guys gals my name is Kurt Heckman (PHATINJUN) to some. I am a past member of the UBI .I dropped from the org several yrs ago mostly for med reasons but I just was not able to participate any longer. But anyway I am disabled now and retired many shoulder surgeries artificial right shldr replacement and right leg amputation. I had been trying to make contact with members via the website that appears to be not used very often. But anyways I have decided to start to sell all my bow hunting stuff and I have several articles bows and such that I bought from UBI banquets and I am looking for suggestions on how to go about trying to offer the UBI stuff to UBI members 1st or maybe talking w/UBI officers about some kind of something where I would sell,auction or something and make some kind of a donation to the UBI. Looking for ideas thanks. Kurt

From: HighLife
Reach out to JRW I believe he's a member

From: Jerry Gille
I sent you an email Kurt. Good to hear from you.


From: Lynn Wilcox
Gille.......I thought maybe you fell off the edge of the world or something. Good to read that you are still kicking.

Hope all is well with you & your family. Stick any squirrels this season yet ???

Have a Merry one old friend....

From: JRW
Dang, Kurt, I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. If there's anything you need, please let me know.

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