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Bowhunt Only Public Spots ???
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Dixie 21-Dec-18
Old School 01-Jan-19
Dafish 02-Jan-19
Old School 02-Jan-19
Don 07-Feb-19
elkmo 09-Feb-19
SteveD 24-Feb-19
Don 08-Mar-19
ButchMo 20-Mar-19
Dixie 14-Oct-19
elkmo 15-Dec-19
FMSullie 07-Aug-21
From: Dixie
Looking for a spot to Bowhunt next year. Looking for Bowhunting only areas something from the middle of the state and westwardly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in Kansas.

From: Old School
James - just curious as to why you’d come from Kansas to Missouri to hunt whitetails. Our state land gets absolutely hammered with pressure. Archery only aren’t much better either. I’ve got one 10 minutes from my house and I hunt it regularly and the pressure it gets is crazy.

You can get on the Missouri Department of Conservations website and they have all the info you are looking for. Maps and brochures, etc...


From: Dafish
Mitch, when I lived in Kansas we would take 3-4 day weekends and go to Nebraska one weekend, another weekend hunt Missouri, cause we liked to hunt and it was cheap. In Kansas you are one and done( something about a quality management thing).

From: Old School
Didn’t know that about Kansas. Makes more sense now.


From: Don
Cheap tags. Shoot a big buck in Kansas then shoot whatever you want in Missouri because we let everyone in for cheap, but it doesn’t work the other way for us.

From: elkmo
Be like whia ground in ks w/o the big deer and of course half the price. Waste your time how you want.

From: SteveD
Hey Don you aren't as cheap as Wisconsin. Every state in the US and some foreign countries hunt here according to the DNR and the keep wanting more!

From: Don
The raised Missouri out-of-state tags a year or two ago, but it's still a free-for-all.

From: ButchMo
Dixie, I believe some are pulling your leg. Excellent hunting in Mo.

From: Dixie
Looks like I will be hunting my ONE buck over here in Kansas this year. Dafish is correct with only one buck tag my season could end pretty quick. I let a couple Alabama guys hunt one of my fields and they were telling me about the good hunting y'all have in Missouri. These guys were hunting public land near my home that I knew didn't hold many dear so I left them a note to come hunt on our place. They thought I was crazy. LOL They hunted three evenings and killed one broke off buck and three does. Friends for life. That's what hunting is about making good friends and just having a good time. But yes I would still love to hunt other states and Missouri is on my list. Hope everyone has a great season. Post your pics and tell your story on here.

From: elkmo
So how was it?

From: FMSullie
Grand Pass, Marshall mo. Lots of deer. Did see some hunters, but not what i'd considered crowded.

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