Bear hunting guide
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Crossbow 23-Dec-18
chag hunts 24-Jan-19
Silent1 07-Feb-19
From: Crossbow
I’m looking for a guided hunt to take my 17 year old daughter on next fall. I’m looking to hunt with a small family style guide service. I have taken 2 bears in Maine years ago I hunted with smaller outfits and I enjoy the small camp feel. I’m going to sit with her until she fills her tag and if and when she is successful I will hunt. Any suggestions or recommendations would be very helpful. Thank You. Joe

From: chag hunts
Mid Maine Outfitters is highly recommended, Ive been hunting with them twice as a youth and they always made sure me and my dad were in comfortable stands for two people (this is my dads account, he must have logged me out :) )

From: Silent1
Squapan Mountain Outfitters - 100% family operation. They work very hard, are very honest and I look forward to coming back one day as soon as my boys get a little older!

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