Southern Illinois Hunt Jan 3-7 (2019)
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Crosshairs 26-Dec-18
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DozRdeer2 27-Dec-18
Crosshairs 27-Dec-18
From: Crosshairs
Hello, Used to live in IL and coming back to hunt friends property in Southern Illinois (Fulton County). Property has clover fields and water. Corn has been taken down. My cellular cams are all dead so no more photos at this point of the season until we get back there. I only get so much leave so I will be able to hunt Fri/Sat/Sun (picked these dates due to moon phase) and will be bow hunting. Can anyone give me insight on movement recently (am) (pm) (any mid-day activity). Did you guys have a good secondary rut, how was it? (dates?) Are the deer starting to herd up or still kind of on their own? Anyone seeing bucks drop sheds yet? I know a lot of questions, I appreciate any help. A little different hunting from my old area in Northern Illinois and now that I live in Virginia, I will be driving straight through 15 hours to hunt 3 full days only to turn around and head right back to D.C. to get back to work. Thanks and Semper Fi - Shannon

From: woodguy65
You must have lived in Chicago area if you think Fulton county is considered Southern Illinois.

From: DozRdeer2
Fulton is a good, west-central IL County. Does are bunched -- saw 10 does/fawns last evening in southeastern IL. Any buck observations of late have been 'singles'. Have seen some mid-day feeding by does while driving; evening movement has been just prior to dark (as expected). I don't hunt a.m.'s with moonlit nights, so can't help you there -- but a.m. hunts should be okay during your time frame. Good luck and be safe! Tom

From: Crosshairs
Yes, I lived in Naperville area and was from Rock Falls area so I guess Fulton was "southern" to me aka Peoria area not Carbondale area. Thanks for the replies and feedback, I appreciate it. Going to grab the climber, do some scouting and sit as much as I can stand focusing on getting up in a tree a good hour before sunlight and try and get around the food and then get in a couple hours before sunset each day.

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