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Ohio stand your ground bill
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MK111 27-Dec-18
Linecutter 28-Dec-18
Kevin Dill 29-Dec-18
From: MK111
Our worthless governor veto the Ohio stand your ground bill was overturned today by a new vote by law makers. At least now we join the rest of the country in this matter.

Now the burden of proof is on the prosecutor in a self defense case.

From: Linecutter
On the radio (610 WTVN) they have said for weeks that the governor was going to veto the bill. They also stated there were enough votes to over turn his veto, which they evidently did have from what you have posted. Glad there were enough representatives that were Pro for bill, to do this. DANNY

From: Kevin Dill
Burden of proof has always been with the state (prosecutor) in all criminal cases, including defensive shootings. This ruling simply raises the bar much higher for the state, which I agree with.

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