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Archery shops/ indoor ranges
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Windmill 31-Dec-18
ahunter76 01-Jan-19
ahunter76 04-Jan-19
Windmill 04-Jan-19
Winklman 08-Jan-19
Windmill 09-Jan-19
Boatman71 07-Feb-19
From: Windmill
Was wondering of indoor ranges, and bow shops around Montezuma area. Maybe 90 mile radius. Also a good firearm dealer too. Thanks for any advice.

From: ahunter76

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Don't know distance but R&R Sports in Bettendorf has all you mentioned & great staff too.

From: ahunter76

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Waltonian Archers club, Toddville, Ia. just N. of Cedar Rapids has a great indoor & outdoor ranges.

From: Windmill
Good deal, I get some off time at work I am gonna have to look into these shops. Thanks for the advice

From: Winklman
fin and feather in iowa city about a 50 minute drive. great people to work with and they have a pro shop and interactive shooting. Plenty of firearms also.

From: Windmill
Interactive shooting? Is that where you shoot at a simulator?

From: Boatman71
After Hours Archery in Oskaloosa. 20 yd indoor spots and DART system. 25 minutes from Montezuma

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