Looking for a true collector not a crook
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Wildeyed 30 01-Jan-19
Wildeyed 30 02-Jan-19
Dafish 02-Jan-19
ButchMo 20-Mar-19
From: Wildeyed 30
Trying to find out what some old 4 blade elk and beat tips might be worth if they are worth anything.

From: Wildeyed 30

Wildeyed 30's embedded Photo
Wildeyed 30's embedded Photo
Tips are 20 to 25 yrs old.

From: Dafish
Look like Bear 2 blade with bleeder blade, pretty common even now days

Might log on the Missouri Whitetails and check there, it is a lot more active them Missouri Bowsite

From: ButchMo
Bear SS heads. No uncommon. People still use them.

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