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Turkies in NE Ohio
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Diamond Hunter 06-Jan-19
Boris 06-Jan-19
grizzley21 24-Jan-19
jeffb 15-Mar-19
Boris 28-Mar-19
Hi, I use to live in southern Ohio but relocated for a job to western Pennsylvania. I'd like to hunt north eastern Ohio for turkeys this spring, and was wondering without giving up your 'secret spot' if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks in advance. DH

From: Boris
Where about are you located in western Pa. I am located by I-90 and just east of Ohio and Pa. line.

From: grizzley21
there is a lot of public hunting in this corner of the state. i'm by I-90 and rt 44 in lake country..

From: jeffb
Ashtabula county is one of the best counties in the state for turkeys. Flat farm land with lots of birds. You can go wildlife area of knock on a few doors.

From: Boris
Man, the cars and trucks are taking a toll on turkeys on I 90.

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