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Searching for 33” draw length cmpd bow
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Kipsprau 10-Jan-19
NEIAbowhunter 10-Jan-19
Boatman71 01-Feb-19
GLB 02-Feb-19
Shawn 27-Feb-19
From: Kipsprau
I am wanting to get into archery, however, I’m 6’7” and have a draw length of 33”. I don’t have the $1100-$1200 to spend on a Hoyt or Bowtech. In need of direction to other brands that are cheaper.

I'd be surprised if your DL was actually 33''. 6'7''=79''. 79/2.5=31.6 would be a draw around 31 or 31.5. A d loop can basically add a half inch. So I'd try shooting a few 31 inch bows first if you haven't already. If you are indeed a 33" draw, I believe the PSE Freak will go to 33". Mathews Halon 32 had a 32.5 inch draw I believe? Might be able to pickup a used one for 900 bucks? I know there are more but the options are limited. Guessing you will have a heck of a time with a draw length of 33 but good luck. I'm only a 28" draw so I won't be much help only what I heard from a freaky long armed friend. You'd also probably have better luck getting answers in the main forum. Good luck!

From: Boatman71
Xpedition Perfexion will go out to 32.5" and can be bought relatively cheap used.

From: GLB
I second the xpedition perfection. Great bow and I've seen them for 4-500 bucks used on e-bay.

From: Shawn
Hoyt double XL will go to 33"s and the PSE Beast. You can find either for about 600 bucks if ya look around. Shawn

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