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What is predominant wind NC Kansas .
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What is the predominant wind in north central Kansas during November .

From: Matte
It can be from any direction on the map. Kansas is like that. Alot of North and South winds but you may get an East or West wind and often times it changes at prime shooting time.

From: Zmax
It usually lays down at sunset, then thermals wreak havoc. There is no way to forecast the wind in pattern exists.

After hunting these crazy thermals here in Appalachia I was hoping for a different answer :(

From: Catscratch
My experience... In KS it's pretty easy to find a draw or cover that runs east and west or north and south, so it's pretty easy to just move to the other side of the cover to hunt depending on wind. Wind is your friend, calm days suck. Yes, it changes often but it's fairly easy to adapt to. One thing I've found that has opened up a lot of hunting opportunity for me is to hunt from the ground. I have very few trees that are suitable for a stand, so once I got it out of my head that I had to be in a tree a lot more area's became hunt-able and it's not that hard to draw on a deer if you plan a little and move slow.

Catscratch I hear what you say about the cover in the draws and small creek bottoms. If I can find a tree to hang a stand for both wind directions in a patch of cover so much more huntable that small piece of ground will be.

I'm doing a lot of electronic scouting via Google earth and marking WIHA's I want to look at when I go out and scout. Thanks for your input , much appreciated.


From: Zmax
Planning to hunt wiha..

Only 2 stands may be installed per property

Cannot be installed until 2wks before season opens

Removed within 2 weeks of season close.

Ground blinds must be removed daily

Stands/blinds marked with owner name or kdwpt#

Some property wont open until Nov.1st, some is Sept 1st.

No baiting.

Dont shoot Bobcats or other furbearers without proper licensing,.. tags.

Good luck to you.

From: Matte
Also remember what is WIHa this year may not be next year. I know a big ranch that is supposedly coming out this next season as their contract expires. Glad I grew up with the owners sons as I love hunting that place.

From: 1boonr
Wind usually goes from you to the deer

From: ks chas
Kansas land of the south wind.

Thanks for the reminders Zmax , I don't understand the removal of the ground blinds but rules are rules. 1boonr - thats the way it always seems

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