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Black Bear Hunt
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Billbe 14-Jan-19
[email protected] 09-Feb-19
Steve H. 17-Feb-19
Billbe 11-Mar-19
Hohenzollern 23-Apr-19
HeselNetter 16-May-20
From: Billbe
Interested in hunting black bear on the Keni Penisula. Any suggestions?

are you looking for info on guided hunts or DIY? lots of opportunities for spot and stalk with just a little hiking. setting up and calling can be good too. give me more info on what you want and maybe I can help you out. I have lived and lived in and hunted alaska for 30 years.

From: Steve H.
Why would you hunt the Kenai after traveling 3500 miles up here vs somewhere else in the state with better hunting?

From: Billbe
It would be a DIY hunt. WouldNorth of Anchorage be better?

From: Hohenzollern
Thanks for recommendations

From: HeselNetter
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