Summersville Area
West Virginia
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Mule Power 17-Jan-19
sundaynwv 18-Jan-19
Bkbowhunter 18-Jan-19
WV Mountaineer 23-Jan-19
From: Mule Power
Have an opportunity to hunt the area near Summersville. I’ve driven through there but know nothing about the deer population. Can someone tell me about the quantity and quality of deer there. Any big bucks?

From: sundaynwv
Quantity is decent. Canvas area has the most deer.

Quality can be good for wv. Get a bear stamp for sure.

I grew up there hunted alot around the lake. Haven’t lived there in 20 years. At one time state record gun kill vame from canvas area. Definitely lots of game

You’ll do fine Joe. Holler before you come. I’ll meet up with you and finally put a face to a name.

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