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Anybody out there?
Rhode Island
Contributors to this thread:
DeerDan 19-Jan-19
Cp550022 19-Jan-19
Vtec15 21-Jan-19
From: DeerDan
Been very quiet on here! This is my favorite time of year for movement.

From: Cp550022
I've essentially hung it up for the rest of this season. I may try to shoot a coyote or two, but otherwise I think I'm done hunting until turkey season. Agreed its a great time for movement and with the woods bare you can see very far. Good luck Dan, keep us posted on how you do!

From: Vtec15
Got my ri license for the first time in 15 years, been out 3 times so far. Tough so far as I’m trying to hang and hunt on a lot of foreign woods with very little homework done. Rhode Island has some great public lands though!

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