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Crossbow question
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From: kent
Hello all hope someone can help. What is the reason for the state to not allow crossbows on WMA's for general use? Is there any interest with hunters to lobby the state for its use on WMA's---Thanks Kent

From: swampokie
U will be crucified on this forum for asking that question omg!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Swampbuck
You can if you’re disabled and obtain the proper permit, in my opinion it should stay that way. All you need is a doctors note, sort of. I don’t have a problem with x-bows, but I believe that it should have its own season between archery and smoke pole season. As of now it over laps and is longer than archery season.

From: kent
Don't mean to start trouble. Let me share my back ground. I'm 60 years old, from Connecticut and was a traditional archer from 1977 till 2014 when I started using the crossbow. Throughout those years I did dabble some with a compound or two. I do hunt with all weapons including a revolver. I was a board member for the United Bowhunters of ct for many years and we were mostly against the use of crossbows for years. Also the age old Trad vs Compund debate. Anyway my son who is also an avid hunter jumped at the use of a crossbow as soon as it became legal in CT. It took me a couple years to try one myself but once I did I soon realized its advantages for my aging body. I have found it to be enjoyable as with all the other weapon's I use. Some will argue that it is so much easier than regular archery gear and that is true but one still must be a good hunter and woodsman to even get a shot at an animal. I will be relocating to Florida just north of Panama city this spring and look forward to hunting once settled. I look forward to any other opinions or comments--Thanks Kent

From: Swampbuck
Maybe try to find some private land and you’ll be able to x-bow hunt all you want

Kent, I understand where you are coming from. I shot trad bows for 20+ years and all heavy poundage bows. My doctor told me to quit and drop down in poundage or look into a compound or x-bow if I wanted to stay in the sport and out of the operating room! I've shot x-bows for a few years and have had fun with them, recently I've tried my hand in the "training wheels" side of things and it has not been bad on my shoulder at all. . .very happy I gave it a try! I agree with the above posts that x-bows should have their own season, unless you have a physical issue that doesn't allow you to do so. As Swampbuck stated, private land is going to be your best bet. If you enjoy to hog hunt, most WMA's allow x-bows to be used during Small Game seasons to harvest hogs and I believe you may also be allowed to Spring Turkey hunt as well . . .these may be something for you to look into? Good luck.

From: kent
Thanks Off shore, I do plan on looking into private land and possibly a lease. I also have seen lots of deer tracks on our property but really looking for a larger track of land not so much in an urban environment. We have only stayed there for a week so far when we closed on it but it looks promising. --Thanks

From: Bowtricks12

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You just have the only option to get a private land or apartment to do that. It's pathetic.

From: itshot
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pathetic, yep

From: Swampbuck
BS for sure

From: ainsleyhunt

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From: tompolaris
I remember a guy in ct. that made a(sort of )long bow lashing a few tomatoes stakes together and was thinking of shooting the 3D with it. Agawam Bowman's club. Hi Kent! Long time no see. Hope all is well. Good luck in Florida. Gertting closer to Gene Wrabel's area too! :>)

From: EMB
Is there a way to keep these trolls off of here? Delete their posts? Something? Every time I visit this portion of the site, these trolls are here. Kent, to answer your question, you'll need to get a permit that allows you to use an x-bow. They are not difficult to get. The regs are somewhat confusing. I would call the FWC and get some clarity there rather than here. After a severe accident I had several years ago, I looked into it and didn't do it. Nothing against x-bows. I just wasn't going to accept defeat with rehabbing myself. Turns out that it wasn't necessary. Good luck and welcome to Florida.

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