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Wandering beaver
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KsRancher 22-Jan-19
Fletch 22-Jan-19
Catscratch 23-Jan-19
Slate 23-Jan-19
From: KsRancher
Wondering how people have seen beavers just out wandering around in the middle of open fields, no water around. Is it normal? I was driving down the road on Sunday and there was a fairly large beaver walking in a wheat field. I would say 40-50lber. Almost 2 miles from the nearest water. Struck me as odd. I could see a smaller beaver out wandering looking to make a new home, but not a big beaver. Any ideas?

From: Fletch

Fletch's embedded Photo
Fletch's embedded Photo
Did you see that just south of Hays? That beaver gets around.

From: Catscratch
I figure they wonder around quite a bit... I know a body of water doesn't stay void of beavers for very long around my place. I would pay a lot more attention if they all looked like the one pictured above!

From: Slate
Fletch LOL

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