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Elk switching it up
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Dlongmo 27-Jan-19
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Dlongmo 30-Jan-19
From: Dlongmo
I have Elk hunted New Mexico and Colorado several times and now want to try Wyoming in the near future, have zero points I see I still have a small chance at an archery tag “ I think “ still not exactly sure how all the different permits work here.. From all my reading and research the bears most likely keep several from hunting , lol, I like it unless I become bear crap.. In knothead terms can someone explain the different tags and permits, thanks in advance , I appreciate it.

What areas are you looking at? It would be easier to explain on particular areas.

From: wytex
General tags are good in any general area, wilderness areas need a guide for NR. NR general tags are limited in total numbers but resident general tags are not LQ tags are limited for the specific area. Go here and look on page 7 :

From: Dlongmo
Thank you fellas ...

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