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Spur Outfitters?
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From: aggiebow88
Still looking to book an archery Elk hunt in the next couple years. We have 4 PP. Does anyone know anything about this outfit? Dave Sturm Spur Outfitters Encampment, Wy. 82325

From: dirtco
Longtime resident outfitter with access to very large ranches. Nice guy too! I would book a fishing trip, if you wanted to meet them without committing the expense of a hunting trip.

From: wytex
No need to book them for fishing plenty of great access for that near Saratoga. He is a good guy and like stated has access to some great ranches. Condict, Grand Slam outfitters, also has good hunts over there. They will be on general elk areas I believe. Almost any outfitters in that valley with private ranches will have good elk hunting.

From: aggiebow88
Thanks for the replies guys. Booking with Dave for a 2020 elk archery hunt. (area 15?)

From: wytex
That's a general area. You'll apply for a General tag, talk with them before the Jan. deadline to make sure. We hunt antelope down below the forest there on lands interspersed with their land. We see elk down low even every year, east side of the Sierra Madres on their private land. They have good access up through private to the NF and the elk use it. Large herd will be on their pivot down low just off some BLM and state. I have never hunted with Spur but have dealt with Sturm when they had some public access on their property. He's a good guy. You should have a good hunt but it will not be a gimme. Beautiful country, take some time to check out Saratoga. If you're archery hunting you may ask about sage grouse hunting a day while there. Good area to take one down lower off the NF. You could do sage grouse on your own as well, no dog needed. You'll see plenty of elk and some good bulls, not tons of huge ones but some are around. Those elk are also along the creeks and river down low so you may be hunting the bottom. You'll see some nice mule deer and maybe moose too. Oh, and you could charter a plane and fly right into town. The Conquistadores de Cielo will be in town early Sept with their planes. Fishing is good over there as well, you'll have an enjoyable hunt. If you drive allow some travel days in case of iffy weather and road closures, they can happen in Sept or Oct.

From: aggiebow88
Wytex Thanks for the advice. I had heard about the fishing but not the grouse hunting. I will look into it.

From: aggiebow88
well we are putting in for General (should have no problem) and are tentatively booked with Dave. now he is saying maybe area 5?

Might want to check again. There isn’t an elk area 5.

From: wytex
I'm betting it's area 15. Take your fishing poles and get a bird license if it's during the sage grouse season. I can give you some areas to find a couple of birds during the season, no dog needed. Saw some big pronghorn bucks on their land this fall.

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