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Peep-less sights on new bow
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LuckyStrike 30-Jan-19
Bulldog 30-Jan-19
Dafish 04-Feb-19
Packrat 05-Feb-19
From: LuckyStrike
I'm in the process of building a new bow and I was wanting thoughts on a peep-less sight. I've never used one and have never seen one used, but they look interesting. I'm sure it's talked about before on here I just couldn't find it.

From: Bulldog
Try anchor point sight, I have used one for years

From: Dafish
Numerous guys going to the EZ V sight, no range finder needed

From: Packrat
The IQ sight is a well made sight. I still prefer 'bladed" pins over of the thin tubes that hold the fiber on the IQ but it held up well this deer season. I still used my peep but I would check the "dot" they use to let you shoot without a peep.

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