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From: sitO

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Looks like they are just using Google Earth images here...I really didn't dig into it too much.

So Far Kansas isn't on their "list" but what do y'all think about this?

From: Catscratch
What do I think about this? It looks gimmicky to me... but I imagine someone who hunts differently than I do could have a use for it. It would be cool if it had a wind feature on it though!

From: leftee
Nice but already on google. Edit:I think.Know I used the feature a bit for my N Mexico trip.Pretty sure google but I use Toprut also so....

From: keepemsharp
As an old fart "quite frankly my dear" I just don't give a damn.

From: Matte
Just talked to Tom at Firefly. I would really like to see a wind indication system that records data. Especially for canyons and thermals. With enough time and the right program it could give you a good idea when the best time to hunt a certain canyon would be. I have a favorite area that is perfect if you don't go in until the thermals change at around 8:30 in the morning before that the wind is wrong.

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