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Top 5 Co's in North Central Ky for Deer
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Woodsy 02-Feb-19
vmang 04-Feb-19
Woodsy 06-Feb-19
vmang 09-Feb-19
Woodsy 11-Feb-19
From: Woodsy
Thinking about buying ground in Kentucky.

From: vmang
Google Top Deer Counties in Ky and you will get a number of sites for that info. One is That is KY fish & game site.

From: Woodsy
I have vmang. Thought I would try and gather more info from people that actually know and or have an opinion. Thanks vmang.

From: vmang
Most KY hunters communicate on . Try that site you will get a better response. I live in spencer county. We have Taylorsville State Park, and I get opportunities on bucks every year. There is also lots of private land for sale. The deer population is good and some big bucks are taken every year. Hope that helps you.

From: Woodsy
I'll check out Thanks!

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