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Monster buck classic results?
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From: Kz15
Has anyone seen the results of the monster buck contest posted? I haven’t been able to find them.

From: crestedbutte
...and any pic’s?

Anyone get arrested?

From: Matte
There was alot of good looking mounts there. Some really neat booths there. It seemed alot smaller than the first few Midwest HuntFests. Busy with R3 til late Saturday I only was able to see the late evening crowd. I think Matt, Marvin or Chris might have a better handle on how well it went as they manned the KBA booth.

From: MDW
A little hard for me to get a handle on. With the long slender layout, it seemed there were as many booths as in Topeka. The Friday crowd was non-existent, he Saturday crowd was good overall, but some vendors were pulling out early Sunday morning, so I don't think the crowd was buying much. At the KS. Bowhunter's Assoc. booth, we did sign up several new members, with promises for some more.

If you wanted to buy or sell ground, there were at least 6 real estate booths. If minerals or supplements are your thing, there was 7 or 8 of them.

As for pictures, with my new phone, I was barely able to answer a couple of call, so did not try to take pic's.

From: Thornton
Results were more people saw what we have and more land will be lost to NR

From: Forest bows
And more of the old farmers who have worked their entire lies will finally be able to retire.

From: Zmax

Zmax's Link
Crowned a new nt king

From: Fulldraw
Forest- that is a BS comment. I feels like you threw that out there to "poke the bear". Contrary to popular belief, there are no "broke' farmers, and they NEVER retire, as the Farm bill allows them to live just fine... your perspective is tainted as a non-resident land owner and outfitter... With all that said, the NR demand, and the outfitter business has definitely driven land prices WAY up, and the legacy land owners and "farmers" are benefiting greatly.. Good for them. It would be foolish for a man that makes his living off his land to not take NR/RES/Outfitter money for hunting....heck, it pays more than crops and cows now. With THAT said, it doesn't mean we have to like it. :)

From: Habitat
In our part of state the recreation land sales peaked several years ago and now have dropped back and selling for farm ground rates.Some of these are staying high depending on how dark the dirt is.Know of about 400 acres with very little timber sold for 4K but rough ground that was better for hunting barely over 2K.

From: cherney12

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There are no broke farmers? That's quite a statement.

From: Thornton
A lot of it depends on how the land was acquired. Many farmers have inherited their properties and do very well. Those who are starting from scratch with no money in the bank are taking a huge risk. My last lessor was a young kid who bought a house and 400 acres for $2k/acre. He lasted 2 years before he had to sell out. I've been told by several old farmers and ranchers that when land got to $1500/acre, it could no longer pay for itself in a reasonable time frame

From: ksq232
Same here in SEK Randy, rec ground is losing value as I type this.

From: One Arrow
Going to weigh in on the farmer thing...

There are several farmers that struggle. I personally did NOT have a good year, but will survive. This weather is depressing... need to be in the fields.

Leasing land does help and contrary to belief it CAN pay the taxes and then some, if leased. I haven’t done it yet, but I am in negotiations now. Sick of the fight.

This is my business... sorry, but it means more to me than a buck on the wall.

Probably going to save a few acres for me and my family, and a few kids, and be done with the rest. We love venison or I’d probably be done with all of it. I’ve had my run.

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