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Deer Harvest Numbers
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bowhawk75 05-Feb-19
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Zbone 20-Feb-19
From: bowhawk75
Just saw the updated deer harvest numbers for 2018. The total taken by all methods is 172,040, and the top county was Coshocton at 6,040.

From: Zbone
Seems the ODNR, FINALLY admitted they overkilled:

"Deer hunting regulations over the past four seasons have been designed to allow for moderate herd growth throughout most of the state. Herd growth is achieved by reducing harvest and protecting female deer."

From: Zbone

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Podcast with head deer biologist Mike Tonkovich...

Guess I wasn't the only hunter critical of populations, and now from the sound of it, yes they do admit overkill in areas and now seems they are thinking towards to again allocate “tags”, NOT BAG LIMITS in the future, meaning they are gonna manage more closely... YAY finally.... I remember back in the day, you had to apply ahead for a doe (anterless) tag, back then by county townships... Am sure they are not going to manage down to townships, but would be satisfied down to county…

What he's talking is everybody will be able to buy an either sex tag statewide, but extra anterless tags will then be allocate maybe down to county level rather than regional bag limits... Not written in stone, but looking better for the future...

From: Zbone
Ohio Wildlife Council Receives 2019-2020 Deer Hunting Proposals:

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