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Small Hunting Tract.........
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Hey guys, my brother and I are looking to possibly sell our farm around the Franklin Co./Douglas Co. line (between Baldwin and Ottawa). It's a solid 50 acre tract with 22 acres already in crop production. Remaining balance is hardwoods. Has been managed for mature animals for the past 4 yrs. (past two yrs we have passed bucks, just so they could reach potential). Tons of supporting habitat on both sides from the neighbors. I can show pics of genetics. Has a nice covey of quail. Great turkey population. Zero road frontage, with a gated easement to get to the property. Two smaller ponds, both have bass and perch in them. Brother has decided to move on and I'm not in a position to buy him out. Message me if interested. Had a realtor (friend) evaluate it and based off what's sold in the immediate area he said $4000-$4200 an acre is appropriate for size of tract. Will not owner finance, need to sell outright due to how the farm was purchased. I figured reading all the "no places to hunt" threads, I'd give someone a shot at what I thought would be my long term honey hole...... thanks

From: Quinn @work

That's too bad you have to sell out but hopefully you do alright with the sale.

Please don't sell it to another NR hunter or you'll be ridiculed by the resident KS Bowsite NR bashers. Also the guy's on the "no places to hunt" threads are only looking for free places to hunt. Your's doesn't qualify. :)


LOL.....I've been ridiculed most of my life :) I've got thick skin man, but thanks. It's not an ideal situation for me but that's life. Not worth burning a bridge with my brother over it.

Quality post Quinn, quality post!

From: Molson441
No the being a Smartass, well maybe. how can anyone say with a straight face "Managed 50 acres for Mature Whitetails"???? Really? Please just put "Good whitetail property of 50 acres"... I laugh every time I see a property for sale that says " Intensely Managed 36 acres".

Molson, working with our surrounding neighbors, everyone being on the same page, making our stand locations as less intrusive as possible, improving the habitat to the best of our capabilities, and having a 3 yr history on the property with mature bucks 4.5 yrs and older kinda supports my statement. You're obviously welcome to disagree, but the proof is in the facts and results the place has yielded on an annual basis....Thanks for your input though......

From: t-roy
Getting the neighbors on the same page is 2/3rds of the battle. Good luck with the sale, stick.

From: drbonner
I’ve been looking lately. Got pics?


From: leftee
Nice looking piece of land.Looks like at least a half dozen potential stand sites as well.Small chunks often make dispersal of 'pressure' tough,this looks really good in that respect. Good luck on the sale!

From: Slate
Very nice property

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