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Idaho Bear Baiting?
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wolfmann 10-Feb-19
Mt. man 11-Feb-19
Machias 14-Feb-19
Mt. man 15-Feb-19
wolfmann 18-Feb-19
Machias 21-Feb-19
decoy 22-Mar-19
From: wolfmann
After elk hunting the last two seasons in unit 21 and seeing some bear sign I thought I might try baiting this spring. The regulations state that only one metal container can be used at each bait site. So if you are using a 55 gallon metal drum for your bait, would it be illegal to hang a bucket of stink bait in a tree such as rotten fish guts? What about a beaver carcass in a cage? Thanks Warren

From: Mt. man
A stink bait drip would be fine, however the Regulations clearly state no parts of "Game" may be used. So no game fish like trout, bass, catfish etc. Also no beaver I believe as well.

From: Machias
Beaver is perfect legal to use. It is a fur-bearer. Must be skinned though.

From: Mt. man
Machias is correct. I called two different CO's and asked them about it. They said Beaver is an animal that SHOULD fall under the "Game" part, but it has been argued as a fur bearer and therefore slips thru the law and you can use one. They did agree about skinning it. I stand corrected.

From: wolfmann
Thanks for the replies. Mt. man thanks for checking with the CO’s.

From: Machias
Not meaning to be disrespectful to the COs but if that is what they said they are clueless. Beaver are classified as furbearers in nearly every state and always have been. As a lifelong trapper they are not game animals. They cannot be hunted in most states, only trapped and mostly trapped for their fur, although a lot of folks do use them for table fare. Game animals are mostly pursued for their meat.

From: decoy
Every c o s hardly every come to the same conclusion. Had a heck of a time wanting to use a tame exotic turkey feather (brown and white) used as an attractor for cats but finally got the okay.

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