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NR Youth Antelope
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Barrera 11-Feb-19
Topgun 30-06 12-Feb-19
Barrera 12-Feb-19
From: Barrera
Is there a quota or tags dedicated to youth applicants for antelope? Going to start building points for my sons in Wyoming. In my home state of NM it's a tough draw and weve never drawn a goat tag as my 2 boys have combined 13 failed applications. Wish I had started accumulating points when they passed hunters ed yrs ago. Any insight or direction is much appreciated.

From: Topgun 30-06
No youth quota, but 18 years old and under do get a big break on license fees if they apply in the Regular Draw. They have to be at least 11 to buy points and hit their 12th birthday in that calendar year.

From: Barrera
Thanks top gun. Kind of a bummer that Wyoming puts a age restriction on youth hunters. NM has no age restriction so long as they pass hunters ed. Both my sons are at least 12 so will build points.

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