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Wasatch 2nd Season
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Silent1 13-Feb-19
YZF-88 14-Feb-19
Silent1 15-Feb-19
YZF-88 15-Feb-19
Dikndirt 15-Feb-19
Silent1 16-Feb-19
From: Silent1
Hi. I currently have 12pt for the LE Bull Elk in Utah and this will of course be a hunt of a lifetime for me. Speaking with a couple of outfitters that i'm interested in, both mentioned the 2nd season of Wasatch to increase my chances of drawing. My concern is that one mentioned the spike elk hunt and that we could be battling that. Can any of you kindly give me some input and thoughts, or 2 cents on what you think of this. Being a hunt of a lifetime, and having 5 days or so to get it done, is this crazy of me to think about doing? Am I going to be bumping into guys here and there? Is it helpful? Any input from anyone is appreciated and i thank you ahead of time for any details.

From: YZF-88
If you have 12 now, I’d advise applying and waiting for the late rifle tag. THAT is a fun hunt! Non residents requires 14 to draw it last year.

From: Silent1
Thank you very much YZF...I appreciate and value your response very much. What makes the late rifle tag more fun in your opinion?

From: YZF-88
Lack of hunters. The bulls are in bachelor groups. Find one...find a handful. They hang in the same areas for a while so you can shop around with confidence. If you have good glass and patience, you'll find some bulls to chase.

My buddy and his dad grew up in the area and really helped my 14 year old daughter on her hunt this past November. I'd love to have this tag but I don't have the patience to wait that long so I go after the archery hunt. Now that you have me thinking about it...maybe I'll change my application!

Seriously, my daughter was done hunting at the end of day one and had a great chance right at the beginning of day 1. There are pictures somewhere on another thread in the main forum.

I think the late rifle hunt is the best hunt the Wasatch has to offer.

From: Dikndirt
The late hunt can be very productive especially with the right weather...snow and cold, You can use any weapon so a late bull taken with a bow would be quite the accomplishment!!

From: Silent1
YZF & Dikndirt - I thank you very much for your input. that sounds very, very appealing and i'm very interested. I think I will put in for that for sure. I thank you for taking the time and value your input. much appreciated!

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