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Indiana has new NATIONAL Park ...
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JTV 17-Feb-19
From: JTV

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Yup, you read that right.... Indiana now has its very own National Park.... the 14,000+ acre Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore is now the Indiana Dues NATIONAL Park ..... with a simple vote and name change it is now the 61st National Park ..... even though the original park use was never designated to allow deer hunting as a management tool, gone forever is that Idea... There are some National Lakeshore designated parks that do allow deer hunting .... also, this will mean a big influx of visitors, people and other pain in the assed looky loo's flocking to the park and NW Indiana....... situated right smack dab in the Middle of the "National Park" is the Indiana Dunes STATE Park, which allows deer firearm hunts for the deer reductions thru draws on an as needed basis which is about every other year or every two years .....

The local environmental groups are ecstatic over this new designation as it should allow more monies to flow into the Dunes National Park ...

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