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IDAHO OTC....Here We Go!
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AZTriax 18-Feb-19
Machias 21-Feb-19
YZF-88 25-Feb-19
decoy 22-Mar-19
Outdoordan 09-Apr-19
From: AZTriax
Alright guys and gals....another nonresident chasing the elk dream heading to Idaho. Waited 8 years to draw in AZ for my first archery elk hunt and came home broken hearted and empty handed. I WILL NOT WAIT TO DO THAT AGAIN!

Currently narrowed down to Units 31(Brownlee) or 29(Lemhi). Thoughts on these?

Also told Sawtooth was the way to go but with only 43 tags going to NR as far as i can tell thats gonna be awefully tough to get my hands on.

Be Gentle.....lol

From: Machias
Don't know anything about those units, just wanted to say good luck.

From: YZF-88
If you're going to buy the licence to hunt OTC anyway, you might as well apply for a controlled hunt. I hunt further south OTC as well but in a capped zone (tags sold out already).

From: decoy
I Hunt down in the 29 area for goats and the elk are there but not like you think they would be. Fun area.

From: Outdoordan
If you like company, hunt in 31.

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