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Anyone excited for the drawing this week
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MRmich 19-Feb-19
Serrano 20-Feb-19
Z Barebow 21-Feb-19
MRmich 21-Feb-19
AZ Boosted 21-Feb-19
MRmich 21-Feb-19
Jdbowelk 21-Feb-19
jstephens61 21-Feb-19
From: MRmich
Put in for the Wyoming elk draw and I'm one point short of max. for the unit 16. I went on the special lic app to give me a better chance. Where did you apply?

From: Serrano
Yes, see the message I got when I tried to check my points:

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department License Draw and Preference Point Inquiry System is currently being loaded for the scheduled February 21, 2019 10am MST Draw Release. The Draw Results will be available on February 21, 2019 at 10:00am MST.

From: Z Barebow
"Anyone excited for the drawing this week"?

Is the pope Catholic??????

From: MRmich
Wahhhhh!!! My friend drew but no elk burgers, steaks, roasts, tacos, stew, corned elk hash, for me.

From: AZ Boosted
Just found out I drew the 35-9 tag with 2 points!

From: MRmich
congrats AZ

From: Jdbowelk
got a 41-9 with no points, almost a miracle.

From: jstephens61
Got a general with 2 points. First time putting in for Wyoming. Hope my luck holds out!

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