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Bulls on public grnd
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Pyrannah 19-Feb-19
NEIAbowhunter 19-Feb-19
Pyrannah 20-Feb-19
JusPassin 23-Feb-19
JusPassin 23-Feb-19
Pyrannah 27-Feb-19
ahunter76 28-Feb-19
Ollie 12-Jun-19
Pyrannah 25-Oct-19
From: Pyrannah
So hunting public ground this year I found one place I really wanted to hunt but the neighbor was letting his cattle and a big ass bull graze on the ground

We came back a day or so later and didn’t see the bull but damn, not sure I’d like to run on to him in the dark

Is this legal? And is it safe to be walking by a big ass angry bull in the middle of the dark?


Not sure on the legality of it but I would guess no. I know they have done some programs around here lately with owners allowing private ground to be used for public hunting so I'm not sure what the law reads on that. I'd guess it's more likely they simply got out but I have no idea. As far as the bull, that would depend on his disposition. We got rid of the cattle before I was old enough to remember but the stories my dad tells me about being chased by bulls would make me say probably not wise to be trying to run from a 2000 pound animal in the dark lol.

From: Pyrannah
lol, yeah that is kind of what i was thinking too.. i have heard some stories about how ornery they can be...

It was a hell of a nerve racking walk in a few mornings later!! Especially when my light would reflect some eyeballs...

It worked out o.k. though

From: JusPassin
His land, his rules, but bulls are always an iffy question.

From: JusPassin
I said his land as I assumed he had permission to let them graze there.

From: Pyrannah
yeah no doubt, it is definitely a deterrent for hunters coming in there.. lol one way to protect the land for sure

From: ahunter76
I hunt a place that has at least 60 head + 2 big bulls. I asked the owner about them. ONE I need to keep an eye on & the other is no problem according to him. No problems for a couple years but I do give him room when I see him. In the dark, when I see cows I "assume" the bad boy is close.

From: Ollie
If you were on public land and encountered the bull, I would contact the local wildlife conservation officer and ask. Unless the landowner is leasing the land to the state for hunting purposes it is unlikely that bull should be on public grounds.

From: Pyrannah
I thought about that Ollie, but for my limited time there I didn’t think it was worth it

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