What clothing in the wind
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Hunting Kansas this fall and not used to hunting in the wind. What do you where when the wind is blowing 20 MPH and its 25 degrees ? Do you where a wind blocker under all your other clothing? What about footwear? I hunt down to 20 degrees here in Appalachia but we have zero wind when it is that cold .

Thanks Jack

From: cherney12
Sitka has a gore windstopper layer in most of their outer layer stuff. I have a vest that kept me toasty down to 20 with wind. If you are out and it's under 10 with over 20 mph wind you'll need a coat that blocks the wind. I use my carhartt even though it isn't camo. Sitka and others have coats that will probably keep you warm in the arctic but you'll pay for them. When the conditions are like that I usually hunt from some sort of blind on the ground anyway, so I'm not as worried about wearing a solid colored coat.

From: Brick
In stiff winds with temperatures well below freezing, I like to set up somewhere that's shielded from the wind. It's more comfortable for me and I think the deer will tend to move in these areas also.

I have a wooltimate set of bibs with windstopper than I use but wear wool on top . I also have a windstopper vest I wear under the wool sometimes. But I'm not used to hunting in the wind. If the wind blows here the deer don't move .

Wooltimate is good stuff if you can still find it at cabela's. I like Natural Gear Winterceptor Fleece. I have the Bibs, Pants, Wader Pants, Vest, Pullover, Hoodies, and zip up Jacket from Natural Gear. I also like the Legacy Pro Fleece from Cabela's but don't know if you can buy it now. I have some Predator Fleece as well. I hear the Sitka stuff is warm but I am not the type to have a comb over haircut that is required to wear it. A good base layer of the extreme UA or Minus 33 heavy weight Fleece. Also have some of the ECWS stuff from Cabelas. Come to think about it, I have about everything.

From: Deerplotter
Hunt in the Dakotas and Kansas every year. Wooltimate windsheer vest under your hunting jacket. Great results.

From: sitO
Ha! You could get rid of all that junk and just have one layered system from Sitka! Yea your brillo pad hair might stick to the Velcro here and there...but you'd finally be cool...kinda ;?)

I kid I kid, but yea anything with "Windstopper" will be good. Did you already get your tag Jack?

From: MBabs
Anything will do in nice weather, but good gear is sooo nice when that cold and that north wind kicks in.

As has been mentioned, cabelas stuff with wind layer is really good. Sitka Fanatic jacket and bibs is where it's at with proper layering. It's an investment. But here is a tip. Sitka is updating the Fanatic line for 2019. So lots of people are dumping the old stuff. There is a Sitka buy sell Facebook group, archerytalk and rokslide too. Lots of supply out there to bring that cost down if you are ok with second hand stuff.

I'm good with second hand , I buy used bows a lot. People think they have to have the newest :)

From: Ben
I usually use a golf wind breaker top and bottom under my wool or my rain suit over it and both are real good at breaking the wind and keep your body heat in.

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