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WY 35-9
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AZ Boosted 22-Feb-19
Huntcell 08-Mar-19
From: AZ Boosted
Hey Guys,

Found out yesterday that I got super lucky and pulled a NR 35-9 tag with 2 points. The draw gods must have been smiling on me since I had a slim chance to draw this tag. Was hoping I might be able to pull some local knowledge from this sight. I will be hunting the non-wilderness area since I am a NR. I am planning a scouting trip this summer, but hoping the questions below will assist in that trip and the hunt

It looks like the unit has a considerable amount of roads, what are the conditions of those roads? Is a side by side required, or can a 4x4 truck get around without getting too banged up?

Looks like there is plenty of water in the unit and the snow depths arent too bad right now. I assume the elk winter down in the private land? Winter kill a conern this year?

How is the elk herd in general? I am guessing this area has wolves. How has it impacted bugling if at all?

What are reasonable expectations for bull size for this unit if I commit the time and effort? I assume its not a "shoot the first bull you see" unit, but dont want to pass decent bulls depending on what the unit has to offer.

Feel free to shoot me a PM or email ( if you dont want to post up here. Thanks in advance.

From: Huntcell
I believe your guessing wrong about bighorns having wolves , generally they are wolf free.

Elk generally don’t succumb to bad winters.

Roads are decent for even cars. US Hwy 16 bisects the unit with lots of easy traveled forest roads branching off. A drive thru crazy woman Canyon is a must if your on east side of unit.

Traditionally unit 35 has had some low archery success rates particularly if you remove the guided hunts and private land kills. You will have your work cut out for you . Area is well watered. Not being able to access to wilderness in this unit is not really a big deal, plenty of area for NR to roam. This unit use to allow type 1 tag holders to hunt two weeks in Sept with the purchase of archery permit . Always seemed odd to me . For some that allows them to do archery hunt and then rifle hunt as well if there so inclined.

You get opportunity to shoot a 6x6 you may want to take that shot. It’s not like your going to be getting multiple opportunities daily . Haven’t heard this unit being a premier destination . Certainly some nice bulls come out of the unit . Your going to earn it doing it yourself.

Seems should have had those questions answered before applying best of luck. Seeing a few nice moose is a bonus in this unit.

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