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Paunsaugunt Archery Deer
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Zim 22-Feb-19
Tjw 24-Feb-19
Dikndirt 26-Feb-19
Dikndirt 26-Feb-19
From: Zim
I am curious if the terrain in the Paunsaugunt is conducive to tree stand hunting. I used this method successfully for two archery deer hunts at the Kaibab in Arizona the last three years. But there is a big burn area and it was pretty easy to set up between the burn feeding area and the north facing slope bedding areas. Don't know about the Paunsaugunt. I intended to scout it this past summer, but ended up spending too much time in the South West Desert scouting for my buddies elk hunt. I have the points to have a legit chance at the lone NR preference tag this year. I have all the gear to stand hunt, and felt I had a big advantage to those Kaibab guys trying to stalk. Thanks.

From: Tjw
Man, I would have a hard time sitting on that unit. going to be a great antler growth year. It looks like the year for that tag.

From: Dikndirt
Zim, Absolutely tree stand hunting can be effective on the Pauns. I have hunted it myself and with friends and family. Lots of ambush spots catching bucks coming and going from bed to feed. I sat in a tree stand last year Elk hunting and had 11 mature bucks march past me within easy bow range....totally unaware of my presence!!

From: Dikndirt
Hey Zim, I should draw the Kaibab this year.... maybe we could swap info?

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