Arrow rest and nock location
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elktrax 22-Feb-19
AZ Boosted 22-Feb-19
dirtclod Az. 22-Feb-19
elktrax 23-Feb-19
From: elktrax
Was wondering why your nock placement is supposed to be 1/8” Higher than your rest center??? That is per QAD drop away.. is this for all rest??.?

From: AZ Boosted
1/8 high can be a starting point, but its bow dependent. Some bows like a little nock high, some dead level. My bowtech is set to level and shoots great.

From: dirtclod Az.
Depends on cam size top to bottom.

From: elktrax
I’m shooting a Hoyt crx32. Just put the QAD fall away on. It’s shooting good. Haven’t tuned yet was waiting on some advice here.. So far I’m liking it. Been shooting a Bisquit for a decade.. it’s a change getting used to. Reason I’m changing is broadhead flight. I shot half a dozen broad heads when I put it on and I would say night and day from the biscuit. For the better. And it wasn’t fine tuned yet. Had vanes hitting got that to stop. Now a fine tune.. Was just wondering why a lot of rest companies say 1/8 above center..

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