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Earlier Draw?
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noazelk 23-Feb-19
elktrax 23-Feb-19
creed 23-Feb-19
noazelk 23-Feb-19
dirtclod Az. 23-Feb-19
WapitiBob 23-Feb-19
AZ8 23-Feb-19
BobH92057 24-Feb-19
Norseman 25-Feb-19
jdee 28-Feb-19
From: noazelk
Did everyone else notice that the paper deadline this year for elk & antelope was January 15th. Last year's was January 30th. Obviously, it takes them longer to process paper apps than those online. Plus, we just received the credit card deadline notices already. I'm wondering if we'll see draw results by Mar. 15th this year.

From: elktrax
Check the countdown thread.. and the reason for the earlier deadline. They are wanting to do away with the paper apps. And next Friday should be credit card hitting time. The Elk draw and hunt count down always starts at app time..

From: creed
Isn't there only one more draw with paper apps before they go to online only? And unless the deadline to apply extension screws things up we should start getting CC hits Friday if they follow the past pattern.

From: noazelk
That would be awesome!

From: dirtclod Az.
They are completely doing away with paper apps. In the future it will be on line only.

From: WapitiBob
They are hitting cards on March 1

From: AZ8
Creed is right. Next draw cycle will be the last for paper apps.

From: BobH92057
Still time to apply for NM. Not overlapping this year. Finally

From: Norseman
When are NM apps due by?

From: jdee
NM deadline is March 20th 5pm Mountain time

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