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From: Chief


The Pope and Young was founded to promote bowhunting and to record for posterity the outstanding examples of North American big game animals taken solely with the hunting bow.

For the purpose of the Pope and Young Club, a bow shall be defined as a longbow, recurve bow or compound bow that is hand-held and hand-drawn, and that has no mechanical device to enable the hunter to lock the bow at full or partial draw. Other than the energy stored by the drawn bow, no device to propel the arrow will be permitted.

Consequently, the Pope and Young Club does not consider the crossbow to be a hunting bow and will not accept an trophies collected by crossbow hunters. Further, the Pope and Young Club considers the use of the crossbow during bow hunting seasons to be a serious threat to the future of bowhunting.

The Pope and Young Club therefore recommends the crossbow should not be considered for use in any bowhunting season. Also, the club strongly recommends that crossbow hunting be abolished from all existing bowhunting only seasons and the use of the crossbows for hunting be restricted to firearms seasons." Now, that the KDWPT commission and KDWPT personnel having had knowledge of this pope and young decision not follow suit and yet go ahead and allow the use of Xguns during bow season? AND another question, What is the maximum percent of let off allowed using a compound? Pope and young is set at 65% max. let off. I can not find what the max. let off percentage is in Kansas regulations. I am assuming there is none since Xguns are allowed. You get my animosity feelings towards the KDWPT. It seems that "most all" of the woes for bow hunters in Kansas has been at the hands of the Legislature. Then why do we even have a KDWPT, or a commision, if they have no or very little say so in the rules and regulation? Lame duck for 20 years now. Don't get me wrong I think highly of the departments law enforcement efforts, and still do have friends in that department. If you think the current TT legislation will fail to pass, then you are either very young or very naive.

From: Nick Muche
"Pope and young is set at 65% max." - No it's not.

From: Chief
Thanks Nick. Because of this modern preference for high-let-off bows, the number of bowhunters who felt alienated by Pope and Young was surging. To bridge this growing divide, late last year P&Y's voting members voted 294 to 148 to rescind the let-off rule. Now any animal legally killed with a bow can be listed in P&Y's records. There was a compromise, however: Animals killed with compound bows that have let-offs greater than the 65 percent benchmark will have an asterisk placed next to their scores in the P&Y record book. I I found this. Thanks Nick, Even a Pope and Young sell out on tradition.

The may have dropped the asterisk as well, not 100%. They also allow lighted nocks, and bow mounted cameras now. Lighted sight housings are still not acceptable though as well as other bow mounted electronics.


From: N2BUX
Yeah, the asterisk is gone now. What they did was keep the regular book for all animals killed with a bow regardless of type of bow or let off and created a traditional book for animals killed with traditional gear.

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