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Chestnut saplings
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Habitat 27-Feb-19
keepemsharp 27-Feb-19
One Arrow 27-Feb-19
Habitat 28-Feb-19
From: Habitat
I am planning on making a trip to Oklahoma to pick up 3 gal chestnut trees,these are around 4ft tall and 24.00 each.These are from Oklahoma chestnut LLC.There is a utube video and these are Blight resistant. I will be bringing back to SC Kansas.PM me if interested

From: keepemsharp
I planted eight of the blight resistant ones, 4-3 ft., about 6 years ago. Lost two, I water them in the dry months about a gallon a day. Some are 7-8 ft. now but do not have a nut yet. Incidentally some keep their leaves all winter some do not. Pretty disappointed here but will continue to baby them. Good luck.

From: One Arrow
Wish you lived in SE Kansas or Id have you pick up a dozen.

I’ve planted several over the years... tough tree to establish in my opinion. Seem to be slow growing despite tubing, caging, and fertilizing.

From: Habitat
one arrow,I sent you PM

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