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Cmwu san juan
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Bigal 04-Mar-19
Bigal 04-Mar-19
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From: Bigal
San Juan cmwu

From: Bigal
Where to hunt in San Juan if drawn for elk

From: sticksender
Quote: "San Juan cmwu" and "Where to hunt in San Juan if drawn for elk"

I saw you were asking about "cmwu" but then mentioned getting drawn, which was a little confusing, since non-residents of Utah can't enter the draw for a CWMU hunt (assuming you're still a Colorado res).

Anyway.....do you have the points needed to draw San Juan Archery Elk in the public draw? The unit may look big on a map, but there are just two small mountainous areas that hold most of the elk. During the pre-season, both areas will be buzzing with posse's of guys glassing from well-known spots. Not too hard to find those spots with a little driving around. If you draw a tag in the public draw, there are lots of Bowsite and MM guys who have hunted there who would probably help you out.

Good luck to you.

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