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Idaho Supertag. Where would you go?
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Z Barebow 05-Mar-19
Nick Muche 12-Mar-19
Mt. man 13-Mar-19
70lbdraw 06-Apr-19
Z Barebow 08-Apr-19
Outdoordan 09-Apr-19
Mt. man 17-Apr-19
Mt. man 17-Apr-19
gmail login 14-Oct-19
From: Z Barebow
OK. I like to dream! I purchased several Idaho Super hunt tickets for elk. Lightning strikes and you win. As an bowhunter, which unit would you go to and why?

I have hunted ID, but I have not been to all corners of the state.

From: Nick Muche

From: Mt. man
^^^^What the Heck is that? Is that even English?^^^^

From: 70lbdraw
I speak his language. I think he's asking where you'd choose to take your dream elk hunt in Idaho.

From: Z Barebow
70lb- Ding ding. I guess I didn't think my post was cryptic.

From: Outdoordan
54 mostly because my buddy has had 1 Muzzy tag, and 2 supertags in the last 4 years. He's the luckiest guy I know. Besides Nick. ;) He has taken a 363, 375, and 380 bull.

From: Mt. man
LOL you guys there was a comment above me that had some crazy jibberish in it. It has since been deleted so now it looks like I was replying to the OP which I was NOT!

From: Mt. man
I had reported it to Pat and I am sure he deleted it. Since IDF&G took away my all time favorite Elk Archery hunt I'd have to go 54 now.

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