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And My Preference Points Are Gone...
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Thriftmaster 09-Mar-19
From: Thriftmaster
So after building preference points for 9 years and doing as much research as I could, I was finally able to draw a tag - Area 11 type 9. With the way point creep is going this will likely be a once in a lifetime hunt for me. Planning to Hunt Sept. 1 to 15. Planning on making a trip out from Iowa with the family in late July to scout and fish. At this point I plan to spend most of my time looking around Sand Lake, Stillwater Park and Lookout Mtn. Also have heard elk might be found on the Wick/Beumee during archery...seems a little early to be that low to me? Hoping this area provides a non-crowded opportunity at a P&Y bull that will respond to calls. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions - thanks

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