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Breaks archery tag non resident
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tadams 11-Mar-19
sbschindler 11-Mar-19
Riplip 11-Mar-19
Bigdan 12-Mar-19
From: tadams
Hey guys. Does anyone know how many bonus pts/years it would take a non resident to draw an elk tag in northeast montana around the breaks? Also are grizzlies an issue in this part of the state?

From: sbschindler
Grizzlies are not a problem, I tried to look up some statistics on this and as usual Montana has about the worst/most confusing information available but go to the FWP website and click on hunting and look for statistics and maybe you can figure it out, there are 5 hunting districts with in the Breaks and each one will be different,

From: Riplip
Depends on the unit, season (archery or rifle) and how many bonus points you have.

From: Bigdan
My friends that put in for tags in the breaks seam to draw about every three years archery

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