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From: One Arrow
I started a nonprofit several years ago through my school. Nightmare of paperwork... literally took months and meeting with an attorney multiple times.

I was curious if anyone had any pointers for an easier route. I’ve done some research online and saw that legalzoom can get this done for less than $500 and it looks like they do the majority of the paperwork. Any feedback?

Full transparency: This is for creating a nonprofit for One Arrow and taking kids with life threatening illnesses hunting/fishing and hopefully in the future creating a great experience for their families as well. I believe I can realistically take 5 or 6 kids turkey hunting every year and 3 to 4 kids on a hunt for a mature whitetail buck.

I have multiple reasons for this.

1 - financial help. This is not a self absorbed “pat on the back”, but I have spent literally thousands of dollars on this vision. I’m not exaggerating when I say 10’s of thousands. I am not going to quit spending my personal money and I am very grateful for the help I have received from friends, but honestly more is needed to make this happen the way it should happen. I believe once I get a few more things in place I can really make this an unforgettable experience for kids AND their families. Once some of these are in place the costs will be much less on a yearly basis. I’ve learned that this needs to be as much for the families of kids as it is for the kids themselves.

2 - protection. I need to protect my business and separating One Arrow from that is important. I don’t ever see there being an issue, but I need to be smarter about this.

3 - Lodging. I need to build a lodge, I’m going to do this at some point at my cost (it might take me 15 years). For the time being, I believe I have a way to “rent” a local facility on a per night basis. As you know it can take a few days to get someone on an animal... I’d like to give families some privacy rather than my own home or forcing them to stay at a hotel. This facility would be close to the same cost as a hotel room, little cheaper, and a lot closer to my house/land.

4 - tax incentives for donors. I’ve received cash, gifts, checks for these kids. I’d like to be able to give these donors an opportunity to have tax deductions on these donations. That is much easier when you donate to a nonprofit.

From: The Kid
Hey Ray, Have you talked to Mike Christensen with the Outdoor Mentors program? He might have some insight for you.

From: turkulese
No I have not... great idea! Thank you!

From: leftee
One Arrow I've done it a couple times.I agree,a real pain if done alone.If you can get it done with certs from Feds and State for $500,I'd do it. If you haven't,I'd research on google but search 'Ks-501C3' not just 501c3.You will likely pick up options for canned forms along with other pay options besides LegalZoom. Also,as you know I suspect,file annual reports etc if required.A real pain if you don't.

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