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Turkey opportunities?
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From: Whocares
I'm from northern Minnesota and we hunt Northeast Nebraska every April for turkeys in the Verdigre area and will be again this year. What I'm wondering, how is the area of the national forest south of Chadron and Crawford for turkey hunting. I will be going to Colorado the last part of May for my grandaughter's graduation and thinking of spending a couple days in that area on the way through with my son to take him on his first turkey hunt. I drive through those towns on Hwy 20 about four times a year enroute to Colorado and always wondered. That area around Ft Robinson looks interesting too. I'll have to dig out some public land info for that part of the State. Any info you might be willing to share appreciated. Thanks.

From: Whocares
No input, or not even willing to comment? C'mon. No Cornhusker fan willing to share anything with a Gopher fan?

From: grindersonly
There is very little activity from Nebraska peeps on this site...either they don't use it much or they are tight lipped. I have hunted chadron before. There is a lot of birds there, you just have to be patient and locate them. Im from Wisconsin and we go to Nebraska every year for turkeys and also whitetails in the winter with muzzleloaders. Nebraska is a great state to hunt with a lot of opportunity if you are willing to put in a little time and effort. If I was going to be in the western part of the state again I would definitely hunt the Chadron area. Best of luck

From: Whocares
Thanks for the input, grinders. Beautiful bucks on your profile by the way!

From: grindersonly
No problem. If you have any more questions I am willing to tell you what I know. im not a Nebraska expert but have hunted whitetails there for 3 years and turkeys for 4. Thanks, I have been fortunate to shoot a couple nice bucks the past few years.

From: Whocares
Thanks. I'm just trying to figure out if that's turkey country on that NF and those wildlife areas and worth my time to investigate a little. I always drive through on Hwy 20 and aware that area exists but never checked it out. I would guess most people are done hunting turkeys by the last week of May. So maybe if I find a spot to sound like a lonesome hen I can get a tom in front of my son!

From: Whocares
Well you tight lipped Huskers, I did take my son and brother to the turkey country on public land south of Crawford May 20 -22. Trip from hell! That was the snowstorm that hit that area! Stayed at the Hilltop motel. Neat looking country down there.

From: tm
Public land isn't the best, but you might consider a private land hunt with a trespass fee or a bird fee. I'm 15 miles from Crawford and have plenty of opportunities with lots of birds.

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