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Antelope units 43, 44, 45
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BullSac 19-Mar-19
wytex 20-Mar-19
BullSac 22-Mar-19
From: BullSac
Anyone have any landowner contacts in 43, 44, or 45 (Laramie area) that allow antelope hunting? Looking to spend a day or two on the way to the mountains and pick up a good goat for the freezer. Not enough points for a ranch in 52 I usually go to without getting the special tag.



From: wytex
You don't need a ranch in 52 anyway. If looking for a doe no private land is needed. Bucks use the scattered state sections as well and can be had with some effort. Some HMA to hunt also in 44 and 45. pm sent

From: BullSac
Much appreciated! PM rec’d.

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