Sporting clays
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Thornton 21-Mar-19
From: KsRancher
Not archery related. But I was wondering which sporting clays place you guys like the best. My dad, brother and I have been to Michael Murphy's a few times here recently. We really like it, but was wondering what you guys thought of the other ones. In the Wichita area.

From: Thornton
Michael Murphy's is a great place for beginners. My friend used to manage their course and he said they place targets so they are easy. They also have two wobble stations over water that are great to introduce new shooters on. Lynbrooke east of Augusta off 400 is a harder course placed in a half mile ravine full of timber. Shady Creek south of Wichita is on a creek and has a few hard targets but is a rather monotonous course of bland scenery. Ark Valley has skeet and trap and it is north of Wichita about 15 minutes. The best of all of them is Flint Oak about 65 miles east of Wichita. It is a world class facility and targets range from rabbits at your feet to 60 + yard crossers over water.

From: KsRancher
Thanks. We will stick to Michael Murphy's then. Since you said it was easy, that tells me how good/bad of a shot I am. Lol

From: Thornton
I like Murphy's. It's a shaded course with some over water shots and it's only 15 minutes from my house. Give me a holler sometime if you want to shoot.

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