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Convention question
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keepemsharp 20-Mar-19
sitO 20-Mar-19
Ben 20-Mar-19
keepemsharp 21-Mar-19
From: keepemsharp
Did anyone pick up a bus card or remember the name of the guy that had the trad equipment booth at Hutch?

From: sitO

sitO's Link
Feathers-n-wood LLC was the name of his company, can't remember his name sorry Dave(link is to his website).

From: Ben
Dave, I've met them and bought some things from them. They are good people and they have been at several 3d shoots I've been too. I thought they had very good prices on a lot of their products. If you have trouble getting ahold of them let me know I think I may have a phone number and an email for sure.

From: keepemsharp
Thanks guys.

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