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2019 tag #'s
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BULELK1 29-Mar-19
c3 29-Mar-19
YZF-88 04-Apr-19
Jims 05-Apr-19
YZF-88 08-Apr-19
BULELK1 18-Apr-19

BULELK1's Link
See my link fella's

Proposed #'s but we all know that plays out as proposed.

Scroll down about 10 pages.....

Good luck, Robb

From: c3
Thanks Robb !!!

The new Nebo mtn goat archery hunt has 10 tags !!! What ????

Wasn't expecting that. Hope everyone who want's to hunt archery put in there as that may make my odds for the Uinta's archery all that much better :)

Good luck to everyone regardless

Cheers, Pete

From: YZF-88
Frustrating they drastically reduced goat tags in the unit I applied for after a consistent quota for 7 years. This is rediculus we can’t change our application.

From: Jims
YZF-88, I've posted the same thing on several websites. I think it's crazy that Utah doesn't have a draw deadline at the current date but allow applicants the opportunity to change their unit or season choices on a deadline after proposed tags are known. For nonres this is critical because there are often units that don't offer nonres bonus pt tags....and this can change from 1 year to the next. If you are a nonres with high pref pts you are pretty much screwed if they don't offer a bonus pt tag and only have the opportunity to apply with all applicants (with miserable draw odds) in a unit with only random tags!

Doesn't it seem a little crazy to have an application deadline with no opportunity to change units after proposed tags are known? I think Utah has a great bonus pt system but it only needs a small tweak and it would dramatically improve a major flaw!

From: YZF-88
What’s the first step to getting this changed?

At the RAC meeting, if ya bring this topic up they pretty much have always stated the only other option would be to move the application date up to after the winter counts are done, so application in mid-Arpil thru mid-May and results some time in mid-July.

Good luck, Robb

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